Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Not-so-authentic kompia (bagel) with braised pork

My not-so-authentic kompia (foochow bagel)
The original kompia (picture taken from www.thelex.com/sibu/food.html).
Can u see the difference between my so-called kompia and the original??

Braised pork with kompia
I made this yesterday out of the blue. I obtained the recipe of braised pork from My Wok Life. I didn't use the pork belly as it is fatty. Pork fillet was used instead. The braised pork turned out to be quite nice. You can give it a try. And for the kompia, I used the bagel recipe and shaped them like kompia (tho they still didn't look alike.. hehe..). Overall, it was a good try.


Bunny said...

Looks great, tastes even better. Can't ask for more!

Anonymous said...

just thicker...i'm sure tastes the same

YoghurtPudding said...

Thanks.. :)