Sunday, 18 April 2010


My own creation of okonomiyaki... The real okonomiyaki should be something like the photos which I uploaded on my previous blog @ a day trip to London. The batter is just like the way we make the basic pancake by replacing milk with chicken broth and add any ingredients that you prefer (salmon, chicken, carrots, cucumber, etc.) and top it with mayonaise and okonomiyaki sauce( I used oyster sauce + kicap manis + hp sauce). My DH is my loyal guinea pig to taste every dishes that I cook ;p

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Korean vs Malaysian Food

I never thought that I would find this type of rice cake here, at the place where I stay at the moment. It was kind of suprise when I saw it in one of the oriental supermarkets. Without much hesitation, I just grabbed a packet. But, alas, I found out that it was made in china when i reached home. I thought it was supposed to be made in Korea. Anyway, I still go ahead to cook TteokBokki. It turned out quite nice. The rice cake was chewy and yummy. A bit like chinese rice cake. But to tell you the truth I haven't really try the real TteokBokki before so I can't really comment much.

I cooked this nasi lemak sometimes ago. I forgot where I got the recipes from. The tedious parts were cooking the rendang and the sambal. I omitted the belacan for the sambal because I didn't have any and at the same time I didn't want my whole flat to smell like 'belacan in the air'. It was a good try.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Bread and buns

I'm really satisfied with these bread and buns. They were really soft and fluffy. They stay soft the next day without any artificial ingredients to make them stay soft and also without the need of reheating them. This method of making the bread is called 65 degree tang zhong bread @ water roux bread. Recipes adapted from here and here. Try it and you will know. :)