Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Are you ready?

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Have you bought anything for CNY yet such as food, mandarin oranges, clothes and etc? How about your spring cleaning? I found it quite hard to find a nice piece of clothes as the fashion nowadays is too trendy for my liking. So I think I'd go for a pair a jeans and T-shirt for this coming CNY. For the cakes.. Hmm.. still thinking what cakes to bake - Coffee cake, Horlick Cake, Cheesecake, Kaya Cake and etc. It seems like every year we are making the same cakes. Any recommendations? Please recommend something affordable due to economic crisis. What to do?? Everything Naik Harga.. Take for example, Golden Churn butter, it used to cost RM3.85 per bar and now it costs RM6.30 per bar. Anyway, life still goes on.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Stomach pain

I've been unwell lately. It started during my two weeks holiday. I went to see the doctors for three times already. There is excessive acid in my stomach. I thought it was cause by the apple cider vinegar that I drank few weeks back. But I was wrong. The doctor said that the apple cider vinegar was not the cause of it because it becomes alkaline when it reaches our stomach. The main cause was because of irregular meals pattern. When I eat. I eat a lot. When I don't eat then I don't eat. So gals, please eat regular meals everyday. Don't skip breakfast or lunch and then eat a lot for dinner. It's not good for long term. Take care. God bless you all.