Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Day As a 'Dog-sitter'

I helped a friend to look after her dog, Charlie while she attended a course. Charlie is a friendly, clever and active jack russell. The problem was my flat is mostly carpeted and the only non-carpeted area are my small kitchen and bathroom. So in order to let him out, I had to put him in the toilet and played with him. He shed quite a lot of fur. I had his fur all over my coat when I brought him out to pee and poo. He was too active and it was difficult to hold onto him with the lead. Anyway, it was really a wonderful experience to be a day 'dog-sitter'.

My latest knitting projects

These are the few latest addition to my knitting projects. The bunny is requested by my friend. I still need to knit a graduation gown to go with it. The big fat soft brown bear doesn't have any shirt or pants to wear yet. Lastly, the two colourful bears, one was given away as a gift and the other one, I keep it for myself :)