Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Peppa Pig Chocolate Cookie Mix

We bought a box of peppa pig chocolate cookies mix some time ago. We just managed to get it done two days ago. It was very easy. Just followed the instructions on the box. The taste was ok but a bit too sweet for my liking. My daughter enjoyed stirring and mixing it. She likes to eat the peppa pig and George wafer pieces that were put on the top of the cookies. She is the big fan of Peppa Pig. There is a Peppa Pig theme park which I'm thinking of bringing her there one day. I'm sure she will enjoy herself there.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Tot trays II

Another two sleeps before Christmas day. The shops are crowded with people. Everybody is busy preparing for the special occasion. There is a warning of bad weather before Christmas Day. Pray that the bad weather will clear soon and everybody has a joyful Christmas.

I had prepared few more Christmas tot trays for my little girl. She enjoyed her Christmas tot trays.

This was the Christmas stickers matching game. Just stick the stickers that match the one on the left. This was an easy game.

Window gel stickers. They were like jelly texture and sticky. My daughter had fun sticking and peeling them. She played until they were no longer sticky enough to stick onto the window. She likes the stars the most. She took the stars and sang "We three kings"... Ooohh.. star of wonder, star of night...

Christmas cookies shadow matching. I obtained this from making learning fun. This site has lots of wonderful printouts.

Christmas ornament puzzles from 3dinosaurs tot pack. She got lots of lovely printables. My daughter is not very good in puzzles and she needed a bit of help here.

One to one correspondence game. Put the Christmas bells into the ice cube tray. My daughter likes to play with the bells.

These were all the Christmas tot trays that I had prepared for my daughter this year. Have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Tot trays

Christmas is just around the corner. I was so tempted to prepare Christmas tot tray for my daughter. I saw lots of nice and beautiful decorations everywhere. So here come some of our Christmas tot trays that I had prepared so far.

This tray was putting some gifts (hanging decor) into the stockings. My daughter wanted to wear the stocking instead rather than putting the gifts in them.

I bought these Christmas decoration from the pound shop. We just need to stick them onto the window. My daughter had lots of fun sticking them and pulling them off again and again.

Here were our Christmas craft. I cut the Christmas tree from the foam and use a brown felt as the tree trunk. Then my daughter glued them down onto a piece of paper and added some self adhesive gem stars as decorations. For the small christmas tree, it was bended into Christmas tree shape using the metalic pipe cleaner and added a star on top of it.

There are more Christmas tot trays to come, hopefully :)

Monday, 9 December 2013

Tot School (Letter E)

These were what we did last week. I incorporated the letter of the week into my tot tray. So last week we started with letter E. I just printed out some letter E worksheets that suited my daughter now.

This was the dot sticker letter E is from themeasuredmom. Dd found the dot stickers a bit boring so she asked for dot marker. The printout on the left side was to identify letter E/e. It was from the school sparks website. She managed to this all by herself.

This printout is from 1plus1plus1equals1. Just colour the eggs in the nest according to the indicated colours.

This printable was also from the above link. Learn how to cook an egg step by step (sequencing).

Some others tot trays from last week::-

Scooping beads. My daughter enjoyed scooping the beads but the thing she likes the most was the ice cream spoon.

Opening and closing the lids and put the toys into the ice cube tray. Opening and closing the little balls focus on coordination and hand muscle. I used squinkies balls for this activity.

Christmas is coming soon and I saw lots of festive tot activities online. I hope I can manage to get some of those tot trays incorporate into our weekly activities too.