Saturday, 15 May 2010

Radish cake (Lo Bak Gao)

I made this two days ago and the recipe was obtained from sunflower. Thanks her for nice recipes There are two ways to eat this savoury cake. You can either pan-fried it or fried it like char kueh tiaw. This is a keeper.. yummy.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Blackfriars Spring Market

Blackfriars Spring Market was held last saturday at the churh hall. It is an annual event to raise fund for the church. My friend and I set up an asian food stall. She prepared fried rice and jellies while I prepared cakes and noodles. We went to church early to prepare and cook our dishes. There were some other stalls too, selling other miscellaneous things such as cards, toys and books. There were also raffles and DH won a packet of shortbread. We enjoyed ourselves very much although we didn't sell all the food.

Photos taken together with Fr. Isidore and Fr. Peter. They are twin brothers who have a beautifully written and interesting blog.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wonderful Scenery on a Beautiful Day

We went to the Heights of Abraham at Matlock Bath last Saturday and it was really great. We started our journey with a spectacular cable car ride to the hill top. The scenery was magnificient from top. There were two caverns which once were rich with minerals. It was cold inside the caverns. Can you imagine how the miners used to collect the mineral with just one single candle lighted up in the dark cave? Apart from Abraham Height, there were some other places to be explored too such as lovers' walk, high tor, pic tor and some gardens. Due to time limit we could only explore lovers' walk and one of the gardens.

After we came down from the top, we went for dinner at a local pub restaurant. The food was... hmmm.... not too bad... ;) Allthough it was a long walk ,it was really worth it. Here are some photos to share..

Ohya, not forgetting the ice-cream, it was really yummyyy... :)