Wednesday, 16 February 2011

In Loving Memory of My Dog, Oreo

My dog, Oreo was knocked down by an unknown vehicle this morning. It was a hit and run accident. He had been with us for 5 years. He was a big, energetic, hyperactive dog who loved to run about pouncing at people. He was very fierce too. One of his favourite hobbies was chasing after mice. You can refer to my previous post about him catching a mouse. Another hobby of his was chewing metal of his kennel. He will be deeply missed. May his soul rest in peace.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Happy Rabbit Year!!

Happy Chinese New Year to you all!
I would like to share my CNY here in the UK.

This is my first time experiencing the parade and CNY festival here. The day of celebration falls on a Sunday, understandably as it's not a public holiday on the actual day of CNY here. I was quite surprised with the flock of crowd that turned out for the event.

There was lion dance, dragon dance and even unicorn dance. Each paid a visit to the individual shops and restaurants in china town. With each visit, there was loud firecracker blasting in the atmosphere.

When I mention festival, it is a proper festive celebration with stalls selling food and souvenirs. There's even games and rides set up around China town.

After the celebration, the restaurants and shops were jam packed with people. Instead of squeezing ourselves in the restaurant, my DH and I decided to go back to enjoy homecooked food :)