Tuesday, 12 August 2008

UCS Educational Visit to Batang Ai and Kuching

We brought 31 students to Batang Ai on 28th July and to Kuching on the next day. On the first day we visited Batang Air Sarawak Energy. Later at night, we'd a barbecue. As most of the students were male so food was kind of not really that enough. There was no where we could buy any food there especially at the place where we stayed. On the next day, we went to Kuching and stayed at a motel which was located somewhere in the town area.

On the first day at kuching we visited RTM. We had an opportunity to meet the DJs. After RTM, we went to The Spring and The Bourlevard. They are newly built shopping complexes. But to our dissapointment, the shopping complexes are not what we expected them to be. They are kind of empty inside.
On the next day, we went to UCS kuching branch called IE, located somewhere at Crowne Tower. Later in the afternoon, we went to XFab (used to be First Silicon but taken over by XFab). We came back home on 31st July morning, exhausted but still need to go to work. Last but not least, we did have lots of fun. You can browse through the pictures and see how happy and excited the students were. Enjoy yea...

First Day - 28th July (Batang Ai)

Second day - 29th July (RTM, Kuching)

Potential DJ...

Potential Newscasters
Third day - 30th July (UCS Kuching)

Wow.. so expensive!!

See how expensive the food is compared it here. UK 1 pound approximately RM6.50. Check it out.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Something to share...

Here are something that I found them nice and unique to share with you all. Have a look..

Public toilet in Paris

Guess what are they?? They are cute umbrellas.

How abt these? Look familiar? Toilet brushes.. :)

Salt and pepper.

McDonald in Paris