Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Tot trays

Christmas is just around the corner. I was so tempted to prepare Christmas tot tray for my daughter. I saw lots of nice and beautiful decorations everywhere. So here come some of our Christmas tot trays that I had prepared so far.

This tray was putting some gifts (hanging decor) into the stockings. My daughter wanted to wear the stocking instead rather than putting the gifts in them.

I bought these Christmas decoration from the pound shop. We just need to stick them onto the window. My daughter had lots of fun sticking them and pulling them off again and again.

Here were our Christmas craft. I cut the Christmas tree from the foam and use a brown felt as the tree trunk. Then my daughter glued them down onto a piece of paper and added some self adhesive gem stars as decorations. For the small christmas tree, it was bended into Christmas tree shape using the metalic pipe cleaner and added a star on top of it.

There are more Christmas tot trays to come, hopefully :)

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lovecraft said...

Love the deco on the Christmas tree. That looks like gold painting beneath the tree! Did your daughter do the deco?