Friday, 22 November 2013

What else did we do this week?

Here are the activities that we did this week.

Transfering pom pom into the ice cube rack with a tong.
She is not interested in this tray because she doesn't know how to use the tong yet.

Learning the beginning sound of each object.
I will ask JJ what the object is and she will name it. For instance dolphin. After that, I will ask her what does dolphin start with. If she doesn't know then I will help her by making the beginning sound of the object. She will put the object into the indicated place.

Learning colours and colouring with water colour pencils.
First, JJ coloured the circles according to the colours with the colour pencil then she brushed each circle with water again.


Bunny said...

Wow nice colouring. Artist in making.

bunny said...

Any other activities?